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ParaTheatrical ReSearch Workspace and Production venue
at PerformanceWorks NW, Portland OR (since 2016)

Directors, Participants, History
Antero Alli, founder/ritual director (since 1977)
Sylvi Alli, musical director (since 1996)
Partial List of Past Participants (since 1977)
Participant Stories: testimonials
History -- from 1977 to present day

Public Events
Sacred Rites: From Ritual into Theatre; 6/11/23; Talk & Book-Signing


"Bardoville" (2017; performance)

Performance History
"Escape from Chapel Perilous" - (Nov 29-Dec 2. 2018, Portland OR)
"Fallen Monsters" - (May 11-13, 2018, Portland OR)
"Soror Mystica" - (Dec 1-3, 2017, Portland OR)
"Bardoville" - (May 12-14, 2017, Portland OR)
"A Turbulence of Muses" (Dec 2016, in Portland OR)
"Requiem For a Friend" (May 2005, in Berkeley)
"Songs-As-Vehicles" (December 20, 2004; Berkeley)
"Orphans of Delirium" (March 2004, Berkeley, San Francisco)
"Hungry Ghosts of Albion" (May 1999, in San Francisco)
"Requiem For a Friend" (October 1990, in Seattle)
Also see: DIRECTOR BIO (Portland, S.F., Boulder, Seattle & beyond)
Also see: Public Event History


"Soror Mystica" (2017; performance)

Paratheatre Video & Audio Documents

"4 Stages of Work" (2020; 10:43 min.) Video
"Pearls & Perils of Courting the Muses" (2020; 8:30 min.) Video
"Escape from Chapel Perilous" (2018) Online video document
"Fallen Monsters" (2018) Online video document
"Soror Mystica" (2017) Online video document
"Bardoville" (2017) Online video document
"A Turbulence of Muses" (2016) Online video document
"dreambody/earthbody" (2012) Online video document
"Orphans of Delirium" (2004; 84 min.) Online video document
"CRUX" (1999) Online video document
"Archaic Community" (1991) Online video document
All Paratheatre Video Documents (1991- 2020)
The Greater Circulation" (2005) paratheatre performance in final 30 min.
"Songs as Vehicles" audio CD (2005; 43 min.) CD available.
"Ritual Technology for Self-initiation" (audio) - double CD package
Antero Alli films online (free views)


The Muses Dialogue (2023)

Video, Audio Podcasts, Text Interviews
Zoom Video Interview by Jason Louv (two hours; 2023)
Video Interview by Joao Peixioto (Parts 1, 2 & 3; 2023)
Failed State Podcast by Joseph L. Flatley (2020)
Podcast: Other Future by Terry Tapp (2019)
"Embodied Voice" with Sylvi (by Jonnie Gilman, May 2008)
"Four Questions about Paratheatre" by Frieda Roenisch (Sept 2006)
"The Paratheatre Workings" by Jessica Bockler (June 2006)
"Theatre of No-Form" by R.U. Sirius (Summer 2004)
"Ritual Triggers and Altered States" by TRIP magazine (2001; Scotto Moore)
"Non-Sectarian Crucifixion Archetypes" by
Instant Planet, Seattle (1999)
"The Voice as Instrument" - Interview with Paul Oertel (by Antero Alli, 1986)
Also see Paratheatre Interviews & Podcasts


"dreambody/earthbody" (2012; video document)

Paratheatre books and articles by Antero Alli
"Sacred Rites" (2023; Ritual Journals and Production Notes)
"State of Emergence" (2020; workbook)
"Towards an Archeology of the Soul" (2003; workbook) review
"Undoing the World" a paratheatre manifesto in five parts
Orientation: Principles and Methods of this work
No-Form in Paratheatre: On Cultivating Intimacy with Void
Approaching No-Form: Shifting Contexts of Void Space
Paratheatre and Self-delusion: On the Perils & Pitfalls of this work
Potential Dangers: Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual challenges of this work
On "Asocial": On the Social Bypass of Paratheatre
On Group Ritual Facilitation: Effective Ritual Design in this Medium
Dreaming Rituals: Non-interpretive Dreamwork for the Awakened Body
On the term "Archetype": In context to paratheatre processes
Iconoclastic Ritual: On the Design of Idiosyncratic Ceremonies
The Anima Shrine: A Soul Retrieval Ritual for Men (goes to the Paradigm Shift site)
Grounding Technique (Earth Surrender Rites) Ritual for stabilizing self/planet
Polarity List a series of charged polarities for ritual use
Notes on the Muses Dialogue The Pearls and the Perils...
Also see Paratheatre-related Articles by Antero and others



Ritual Lab Reports & Vision Statements
by Antero & others

"Fallen Monsters" vision statement (Spring 2018)
"Soror Mystica" - vision statement (Fall/Winter 2017)
"Bardoville" - vision statement (Spring 2017)
"A Turbulence of Muses" - vision statement (Winter 2016)
Ritual Actions of the Muses Lab (Winter 2010/2011)
The Muses Lab (Spring 2010)
The Mountain Teaches the Dreaming (2008-2009) Dreaming Rituals

Dreaming Ritual (Winter 2008)
Dreambody/Earthbody (Spring 2008)
Beginner's Mind (Autumn 2007)
Chakra Lab (Spring 2007)
Song and a Prayer (Autumn/Winter 2006)
Alchemy (Spring/Summer 2006); the ritual mandalas
Experiments in Compassion (Autumn/Winter 2005)
Techniques (Spring 2005)
Song-as-Vehicle (Autumn/Winter 2004)
Initiations (Winter 2003/04)
Trinity (Summer 2002)
Ancestors (Autumn 2001)
Anima/Animus (Spring 2001) and Temple of the Animus by Serene Zloof
Dreaming Rituals (Winter 2000)
Crux (Summer 1999)
Also see Lab Themes and Ritual Journals


Links to Related Sources
ParaTheatrical Links Page paratheatre groups, intermedia artists, dream research
Vertical Pool Links Page: visionary filmmakers, intermedia resources
"A Human Sacrifice": the Art of Theatre Group Dzeici by Matt Mitler, dir.
"Dreamtime Elder": with aboriginie Guboo Ted Thomas, Koori Yuin Tribe
"Action" vs. "Activity": written by Osho
"The Universe Wants to Play" by Hakim Bey
"Requiem For a Friend" by Rainer Maria Rilke. Trans., Stephen Mitchell.
"Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (used in "Orphans of Delirium")
Notes from a Theatre of Cruelty: by Antonin Artaud
"Chapel Perilous": Two-Act Play by Antero Alli; a review: Petaluma Argus-Courier, Jan. 1983
Talking Raven Quarterly -- Alt-Literary Journal (Antero Alli, editor -- excerpts; 1991-95)

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