Written and directed by Antero Alli unless otherwise noted

Portland OR ~ DEC. 2016 to DEC. 2018

December 2018, PerformanceWorks NorthWest
Poetry by Sylvia Plath; Sylvi Alli, music director

May 2018, PerformanceWorks NorthWest
Poetry by William Blake; Sylvi Alli, music director

December 2017. PerformanceWorks NorthWest
Poetry by Hilda Doolittle (aka HD)
Sylvi Alli, Music director

May 2017. PerformanceWorks NorthWest
Poetry by Charles Bukowski Music by E.V.E.
Sylvi Alli, musical director

December 2016. PerformanceWorks NorthWest
A symbolist ritual. Poetry by Arthur Rimbaud.
Music by Sylvi and Antero Alli.

San Francisco & Berkeley CA; 1999 - 2012

"dreambody/earthbody" (2012)

Video production of a seven-week dreaming ritual Lab.
May/June, 2012. Finnish Brotherhood Hall, Berkeley CA.
Watch a 10 min. excerpt.


"Requiem for a Friend" (2005)

Rainer Maria Rilke's "REQUIEM FOR A FRIEND"
Intermedia Performance Ritual incoporating Rilke's text (circa 2005)
A reprise of the 1990 paratheatrical treatment of Rilke's lyrical lament
as a live performance ritual which was filmed and incorporated into
"The Greater Circulation" a indie feature film. ParaTheatrical ReSearch.
May 21, 22, 28, 29, 2005. Finnish Brotherhood Hall, Berkeley.
Click this to watch the performance within the film


"Songs as Vehicles" (2004)

"SONGS AS VEHICLES": Winter Solstice Performance Ritual
Towards the embodiment of songs in a cross-cultural context
Ten vocal performers work for three months on one song each,
chosen from their ancestral culture, towards their ritualistic
embodiment in solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, and
mass cacophonies. Dec. 20, 2004. Berkeley CA.
Audio document recorded (CD)


"Orphans of Delirium " (2004)

Performance rites incorporating Coleridge's "Kubla Khan"
Video document recorded. ParaTheatrical ReSearch.
March 2004, Berkeley & SF


from "Hungry Ghosts of Albion " (1999)

Two-act Intermedia Dream Play
With additional text by William Blake and Isaac Newton.
Music by SYLVI ALLI. ParaTheatrical ReSearch May 1999, S.F.

Seattle WA; 1989 - 1998


from "Hungry Ghosts" (1998)

Two-act Intermedia Dream Play
with sean john walsh, Jennifer Pratt and Kevin Haggerty, Ed Byrne.
ParaTheatrical ReSearch workshop production; May 1998, Seattle WA
(Video document recorded)

Winter Solstice performance ritual ParaTheatrical ReSearch;
Oct-Dec 1992, Masonic Temple, The Weathered Wall, Seattle WA


from "Requiem for a Friend" (1990)

Performance ritual incorporating poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
with Jadina Lilian, Sylvi Pickering, Camille Hildebrandt, Kia Sian;
ParaTheatrical ReSearch. Oct. 1990. Bell Gallery, Seattle.

Performance ritual incorporating poetry of Sylvia Plath
Antero Alli, Camille Hildebrandt, Richard Bradshaw, Steven Miller, Gavin Green
(ParaTheatrical ReSearch; Spring 1990, Wonderful World of Art Gallery, Seattle)

"ANIMAMUNDI" - ParaTheatrical ReSearch
Performance ritual inspired by the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice
Created & performed by Antero Alli & Camille Hildebrandt. Music by Sylvi Alli
(Autumn 1989/90 tour, Victoria BC/Seattle/Portland/Berkeley/Santa Cruz)

Boulder CO; 1984 -1988

This 4-year era minimized paratheatre-based Labs and performances as
Antero's focus shifted to writing four books (published by
Falcon Press).

S.F., Berkeley, Carmel, Petaluma, Mendocino CA; 1975 - 1983


Dreaming Phases for Lovers
a 2-act play based on archetypes of the "anima" and "animus"
Antero Alli, Leesanne Modine, Marc Sabin, Molly Dwyer, Julian Simeon,
Cedrus Monte. Directed w/Marc Sabin. Executive producer, Cathleen O'Connell.
Theatre 23. Jan/Feb. 1983 (Cinnabar Theatre, Petaluma; Studio Eremos,
S.F. and the Helen Schoeni Theatre in Mendocino)

Mimetic treatment of Robinson Jeffers' poetry
with Antero Alli, Jacob Shefa and Johanna Modisette.
Barbara Rose Shuler, recitalist; Peter Metcalf, cellist
(Point Blank Mime Troupe; Spring 1982, Carmel CA)

Two-act Alchemical Mystery Play
A writer's night dreams force a confrontation between his art
and pending fatherhood. With Carole Swann, Harvey Wasserman,
Ben DiGregorio, Theresa Laferriere, and Antero Alli.
(The Chamber Theatre Troupe; 1978, Berkeley).

Performance ritual utilizing William Blake's poetry
with Leslie Mahler, Antero Alli, Ben DiGregorio, Theresa Laferriere
(Chamber Theatre Troupe; 1978, So. Berkeley Community Church)

Two-Act Play inspired by Dante's "Divine Comedy" (utilizing choir)
In his dreams, a man unexpectedly discovers he has passed away and about to
be judged in his afterlife. with Antero Alli, Ben DiGregorio, Theresa Laferriere,
Sima Wolf, Terri Shell, David Cohen, John Rock (The Chamber Theatre Troupe;
November 1977, Berkeley/Crown Hall, Mendocino)

A 3-Act Poem Play by e.e.cummings
Paul Townsend, Antero Alli, Dan Risko, Sima Wolf, Mary Forcade
and many others (1976, Mendocino Art Center Theatre)

A Full-length Mime Play with Music and Accompanying Text
Seven mute characters portray aspects of one psyche interacting within
itself and and unravelling in the wake of a series of outside interruptions.
Antero Alli, Brian Wasserman, Julie B. Oak, Leigh Lightfoot, Sima Wolf.
Ardy Leenders (Spring 1975, Berkeley; Mendocino Art Center Theatre)