(2012/recut in 2021; 72 min.)

Seven individuals prepare a choreography of movements recalled from
their nocturnal dreams. Dream analysis and interpretation is bypassed
in favor of tapping the Unconscious as a vital wellspring of creative
force unleashed in patterns of motion, presence, and sound.


"It is remarkable how using movements remembered from dreams
seems to unleash powerful memories and feelings from the unconscious.
The participants use movement and vocalizing to experience these
unleashed forces and one can easily see that they are surrendering
to a deep and authentic kind of inner revelation, quite different
from what one normally sees actors doing in a theater."
- David Finkelstein, filmthreat.com (4 stars out of 5)



Since 1977 I have been developing a paratheatre medium inspired by the late Polish theatre visionary, Jerzy Grotowski, integrating methods of physical theatre, dance, Zazen meditation, and vocalization to access and express the internal landscape. In this video, seven individuals trained in paratheatre methods use movements recalled from their nocturnal dreams to create a ritual choreography for evoking the power of dreaming while fully awake. Also featuring a demonstration of paratheatre methods, participant interviews, enactments from my own dreams, and a musical score by Sylvi Alli, who also appears as "Naiad, a dreamtime entity". - Antero Alli

Featuring Antero Alli, Sylvi Alli, Robin Coomer, Jeffrey Fisher, Steve Mobia, Lori Salomon, Marianne Shine, Julian Simeon, Nick Walker, and Alaska Yamada. Edited by Chris Odell & Antero Alli. Music by Sylvi Alli. Videography by Antero Alli. Produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch. Written and directed by Antero Alli.


"dreambody/earthbody": Interview with Antero Alli
by Isabel Fondevila for A.T.A. (January 14, 2013)

The Paratheatrical Dreaming Ritual
The inner & outer workings explained

Interview with Guboo Ted Thomas
Aboriginie elder on the dreamtime


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