bump consciousness

"Self-stabilization in Times of Energetic Acceleration"
© 1985 Antero Alli


This ritual can be conducted outdoors on open ground or indoors on the floor. The intent of this ritual is to tap into the Earth's emanation to stabilize individual and collective energy fields. This can be done alone or in groups, sitting or standing and, with practice, in motion and dancing.

Begin with any meditation for quieting the mind (if you don't know how, click this). Once you have cultivated more internal receptivity, bring your awareness to the base of your spine. Watch your breathing but let it be natural; don't force or hold your breath. On the inhale, draw earth energy up through the base of the spine and on the exhale, circulate this earth energy throughout your entire body. Continue this cycle of connected breathing -- inhaling the earth energy into your body and exhaling it to circulate throughout your body.

The more earth energy you take in and circulate, the more "dense" you may feel. To increase the flow, breathe deeper while drawing the energy up from the earth. To decrease the flow, make your breath shallow. Find your point of maximum density by increasing the circulation of earth energy but without nodding out, falling asleep or losing consciousness.

As you proceed, become aware of yourself as a bump on the planet. Allow a sense of yourself as a protuberance of the planet - no difference between yourself and the Earth's energy and the support and the power of the Earth as it expresses itself through you. Merge with this earth energy.

Begin resonating a sound that matches the frequency of this earth energy. Do not concern yourself with how it sounds. Do not try to control the sound or pitch to create a noise or a melody. Let your resonance with the earth energy determine the tone, pitch, key, and outcome. You are simply resonating a sound that matches the earth energy within you.

While maintaining this cycle of connected breathing, exhale earth energy through your arms and out your palms and fingertips. Keep cycling earth energy through your own body and out your hands. Continue until you feel done. Send any excess earth energy back to the planet. When you feel done, return to empty mind, or No-Form.


NOTE: When this ritual is performed outdoors, the quality and intensity of the earth energy can differ depending on the innate currents and powers of that specific region. Typically, the further away you are from civilization, the stronger the earth energy.




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