ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX presents
"Ritual Without Dogma"
A Talk with Paratheatre director/author, ANTERO ALLI

ParaTheatrical ReSearch Warm-Up cycle that starts each session

7pm, TUESDAY FEB. 19th, 2019.
PerformanceWorks NorthWest

4625 SE 67th Ave (nr Foster) PDX.
Admission: $5-10 sliding scale donation.

Antero Alli will discuss the basic principles and methods of a ritual technology he has been developing since 1977. Inspired by the early work of Jerzy Grotowski, Alli's paratheatre combines elements of physical theatre, dance, vocalization and Zazen to access vital currents in the Body towards their spontaneous expression in presence, vocalization, gesture, action, and interaction. He will also talk about the relevance of an asocial approach to his work and how paratheatre methods can benefit other performative and non-performance modalities. Select clips from his Paratheatre video documents will also be presented along with a brief Q&A afterwards.

This event introduces Antero's upcoming "PARATHEATRE WEEKEND INTENSIVE" on March 2nd and 3rd, Noon to 6pm each day, at PerformanceWorks NW. Copies of his Paratheatre Workbook, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul" will be also be available for purchase ($20) after the discussion.



Antero's paratheatre work is documented in his book, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul" (Vertical Pool, 2003), in numerous videos (1992-2018), and in academia by Nicoletta Isar, Professor at the Institute of Art History, Copenhagen University (2008). Between 1975 and 2005, Antero wrote and directed a series of experimental theatre productions. In 2005, he stopped creating theatre to write and direct a series of feature-length art films -- including "The Greater Circulation" (2005; 93 min) a critically acclaimed cinematic treatment of Rainer Maria Rilke's "Requiem for a Friend" and "The Invisible Forest" (2008; 111 min) featuring the radical theatre of Antonin Artaud. In Octonber of 2015 Antero he stopped making films and returned to creating experimental theatre works in Portland Oregon, where he also resides and conducts Paratheatre Labs and Workshops.


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