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In 1977 Antero was inspired by the Paratheatre of Jerzy Grotowski and used his early theatrical experience and training (1970-77) to create his own paratheatre medium as documented in his book, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul" (Vertical Pool, 2003), in videos (1992-2017), and in academia by Nicoletta Isar, Professor at the Institute of Art History, Copenhagen University. Between 1975 and 2005, Antero wrote, directed, and performed in numerous experimental theatre productions. Between 2000 and 2015, Antero stopped staging theatre productions to write and direct a series of feature-length art films (including "The Greater Circulation", a critically acclaimed cinematic treatment of poet Rainer Maria Rilke's "Requiem for a Friend" and "The Invisible Forest", a tribute to French Surrealist, Antonin Artaud). During this 15-year filmmaking era, his group work in paratheatre went underground in private, non-performance oriented ritual labs. In 2015 Antero and his wife, performer/singer Sylvi Alli, moved to Portland Oregon to reinvent themselves and their work through experimental theatre and their musical collaborations as "bird&wolf".

Chronology of Paratheatre Development (1970 to Present)

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Music Director & Voice Training


After extensive training in classical piano, Sylvi turned to painting and between 1976-93, her art was shown in galleries in the U.S. and Europe. In 1989, she began her journey into ambient/industrial electronic music and in 1995, she started singing. These elements soon combined in the development of soundtracks for dance, theatre and cinema projects. Sylvi has scored the songs and music for most of Antero's films & theatre since 1989. In 1996, she starred in "Lily in Limbo", a 27-minute poetry film. Her music CDs include "Too Near the Ghosts", "Dream of the Blue Moth", "Under a Shipwrecked Moon", "A Hundred Birds", "Vessel", "Flamingos" and "The Book of Jane". Her deep background experience in ParaTheatrical ReSearch (since 1996) has informed her unique "embodied voice" approach to singing. She is the Music Director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX.


ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX
Vison Statement: Past, Present, Future

"Fallen Monsters"; rehearsal (April/May 2018); click image for details

After twenty prolific years of ongoing Paratheatre Labs, Music and Film production in Berkeley California, we (Sylvi and Antero) relocated to Portland Oregon in October of 2015 to develop new works of experimental theatre. New to Portland and not knowing any other performers here, we presented a series of Paratheatre training Labs throughout 2016 in the hopes of finding others to work with. A core group eventually magnetized around a ritual-based intermedia vision of experimental theatre.

Our debut Portland production, "A Turbulence of Muses" a symbolist ritual (poetry by Arthur Rimbaud) was workshopped over ten weeks in the Muses Lab and premiered December 2-4, 2016. In the "2-Faced Clowns Lab" (also 10 weeks), we explored personal and collective hypocrisy as a basis for developing the extreme characters featured in "Bardoville" (poetry by Charles Bukowski) with vocal creations by Sylvi Alli and E.V.E. ("Bardoville" premiered May 12-14 of 2017 to critical acclaim from Oregon ArtsWatch). Our Dec 1-3, 2017 production, "Soror Mystica: Ritual Invocation of the Anima" (poetry by Hilda Doolittle) was workshopped during the 10-week Alchemy Lab. With music was improvised on site by Sylvi ("Soror Mystica" also received critical acclaim from Oregon ArtsWatch). Our next production, "Fallen Monsters" (poetry by William Blake), was workshopped over ten weeks in the Contract Lab before its May 11-13, 2018 premiere. Our upcoming performance ritual, "Escape from Chapel Perilous!" (poetry by Sylvia Plath) will be developed over 11 weeks in the Labyrinth Lab with premieres on November 30th, Dec. 1 & 2, 2018. All productions are staged at PerformanceWorks NW, PDX.

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"Bardoville"; performance (May 2017); click image for details

Ritual Into Theatre. Each intermedia ritual-based theatre work is preceded by a 10-week workshop (Lab) to discover the internal sources and ritual designs innate to our next production. Eschewing any "theatre of ideas", we don't do social issues, politics, or morality, or conventional stage plays or scripts beyond spoken prose and poetry; we don't teach or preach. Our aim? To express our most visceral responses to spiritual sources that, in turn, arouse visceral and spiritual resonances in the audience. We do this through an intermedia experience of physical theatre, ritual, vocal invocations, improvised music & composed songs, masks, film, and great poetry (Rimbaud, Bukowski, Rilke, H.D., Blake, Plath). The physical actions, interactions, and gestures in our productions are never staged, choreographed or improvised. They result from our paratheatrical methods for accessing autonomous forces in the Body and their spontaneous expression through presence, movement, sound, and asocial group interplay.

ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX is not a company of fixed players as much as a kind of molting group that develops each new performance work with those best suited for the unique challenges of each production. Though a core group of individuals persists in each work, we remain open to inquiries from others across the performance spectrum - theatre, dance, voice, music, clown, martial arts, vaudeville - who find resonance with us. Those invited to join us are also asked to undergo Paratheatre training to learn the fundamentals of our unique somatic language.

ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX is a non-union, self-funded collective; we're low maintenance, we don't do grants or suckle the corporate teet. We are making it up as we go along.

- Antero Alli, Artistic Director
and Sylvi Alli, Music Director



"Turbulence of Muses" performance Dec 2016

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