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Artistic Director & Paratheatre Training


Between 1970 and 1977, Antero performed and taught Mime Theatre (trained by Keith Berger of the American Mime Theatre, NYC). In 1977, he encountered the Paratheatre of Jerzy Grotowski inspiring him to develop his own paratheatre medium -- documented in his book, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul" (Vertical Pool, 2003), in numerous video documents (1991-2018), and by Nicoletta Isar, Professor at the Institute of Art History, Copenhagen University. Between 1975 and 2005, Antero wrote, directed, and performed in numerous experimental theatre productions. Between 2005 and 2015, Antero stopped creating theatre to write and direct a series of feature-length art films -- including "The Greater Circulation", a critically acclaimed cinematic treatment of poet Rainer Maria Rilke's "Requiem for a Friend" and "The Invisible Forest", a tribute to French Surrealist, Antonin Artaud. During this filmmaking era, his group paratheatre work went underground for ten years in a series of private, non-performance oriented ritual labs. In 2015, he took a five year break from filmmaking to develop and direct five original intermedia works of ritual-based physical theatre in Portland Oregon. In late 2019, he stopped all Paratheatre work and returned to making films while continuing his musical collaborations with Sylvi as bird&wolf.





Music Director & Voice Training


After extensive training in classical piano, Sylvi turned to painting and between 1976-93, her art was shown in galleries in the U.S. and Europe. In 1989, she began her journey into ambient/industrial electronic music and in 1995, she started singing. These elements soon combined in the development of soundtracks for dance, theatre and cinema projects. Sylvi has scored the songs and music for most of Antero's films & theatre since 1989. In 1996, she starred in "Lily in Limbo", a 27-minute poetry film. Her music CDs include "Too Near the Ghosts", "Dream of the Blue Moth", "Under a Shipwrecked Moon", "A Hundred Birds", "Vessel", "Flamingos" and "The Book of Jane". She has acted in many of her husband's films and performed in their paratheatrical productions. Her deep background in ParaTheatre (since 1996) has informed her unique "embodied voice" approach to singing through movement. She served as the Music Director and Vocal Instructor for ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX between 2016 and 2019.




ParaTheatrical ReSearch
~ A Brief History before the End of an Era ~

"Orphans of Delirium" (2004; Berkeley and San Francisco; click image for info)

Seattle WA & Berkeley CA; 1988-2015;
non-performance Labs, performances

Seattle WA; 1988-1997. Eleven years after its 1977 genesis in Berkeley CA, I continued my non-performance group paratheatrical work in Seattle in addition to directing and producing five performance ritual works, ("Crossing the Water" 1989, "Animamundi" 1990, "Requiem for a Friend" 1991, "Mass of the Iconoclasts" 1992, and "Hungry Ghosts" 1997) plus two video documents ("Archaic Community" and "Requiem for a Friend" by the poet Rilke).

Berkeley CA; 1998-2015. Over the next eighteen years, Sylvi joined me in over fifty non-performance Labs (of 6-12 weeks each; often twice a week) where the fundamental methods of this medium were applied and tested many, many times over. Throughout this primarily private period, three paratheatre video documents were also produced ("Crux" 1999; "Orphans of Delirium" 2004; "dreambody/earthbody" 2012), along with four public performance works ("Hungry Ghosts of Albion" 1999; "Orphans of Delirium" 2004; "Songs as Vehicles" 2004; "Requiem For a Friend" 2005). This 18-year era established a rich foundation for future Paratheatre work as a performative vehicle after we relocated to Portland, Oregon in late 2015.

Click this for theatrical productions and paratheatrical projects between 1975 and 1983 in Berkeley, Carmel, Petaluma, and Mendocino CA).


"Soror Mystica" (December 2017); click image for info

Portland OR, 2015-19; intermedia ritual-based physical theatre

Portland OR; performance. Soon after arriving, we presented two non-performance training Labs that magnetized a small core group motivated towards performance. Between December 2016 and December 2018, this group morphed (new members joined, some dropped out) through five separate intermedia physical theatre works staged at PerformanceWorks NW. Each of these productions were preceded by a 10-week workshop (Lab) where the productions were developed combining ritual dynamics, vocal incantations, improvised and composed music & songs, video, and great poetry to explore the metaphysical and symbolic dimensions of human experience. We didn't do social or political or morality issues or themes, nor did we perform conventional stage plays. Our aim was always to incite visceral and spiritual resonances in the audience to arouse the Poetic Imagination from its deep cultural slumber.

"A Turbulence of Muses" (December 2016); click image for info

The Portland productions, 2016-2018. Our debut, "A Turbulence of Muses" a symbolist ritual (poetry by Arthur Rimbaud) workshopped over ten weeks that premiered December 2-4, 2016. In the "2-Faced Clowns Lab", we explored personal and collective hypocrisy as a foundation for the extreme characters featured in "Bardoville" (poetry by Charles Bukowski) with vocal creations by Sylvi Alli and E.V.E. (premiered May 12-14 of 2017 to critical acclaim from Oregon ArtsWatch). Our Dec 1-3, 2017 production, "Soror Mystica: Ritual Invocation of the Anima" (poetry by Hilda Doolittle) was developed during the Alchemy Lab. Music was improvised on site by Sylvi ("Soror Mystica" also earned critical acclaim from Oregon ArtsWatch). Our next production, "Fallen Monsters" (poetry by William Blake), evolved in the Contract Lab before its May 11-13, 2018 premiere. Our fifth and final production, "Escape from Chapel Perilous!" (poetry by Sylvia Plath) came together during the Labyrinth Lab and premiered November 29th, 30th, Dec. 1 & 2, 2018.

"Escape from Chapel Perilous" (Dec 2018); click image for details

CLICK THIS to watch video documents of our past five productions
and other videos of paratheatrical processes

2019, end of an era

In early 2019, Sylvi and I chose to bypass our usual May production schedule to focus on advancing the craft of paratheatre in two private, non-performance ritual labs -- starting March 10th with the 8 week Dreaming Ritual Lab and then over the summer of 2019, in the 8-week Muses Lab. Sometime in July, I realized the talent and skill levels in our current group could no longer meet the demands of future paratheatrical productions. We went as far as we could go without repeating ourselves or rehashing what we already knew how to do. On September 22nd, 2019, Sylvi and I made the decision to discontinue all performances,"Labs" and weekend intensives.

Though my group Paratheatre Lab facilitation process and our productions have ended, this does not mean the end of the work itself. This paratheatre work can be experienced and developed by anyone willing to experiment with its many trigger methods. The numerous Paratheatre video documents produced between 1991 and 2018 are available (for free), offering vivid examples of this work in non-performance and performative modalities. My paratheatre workbook, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul", also remains available for purchase. For those motivated to start their own Labs, click this for guidelines on group Paratheatre facilitation.

We remain deeply grateful to those who joined us (we know who we are) on this epic journey through this extraordinary 42-year era of paratheatrical research. In the wake of this major change, Sylvi and I have redirected our talents, passions, and skills into recording and performing our music while developing new works for cinema. All our future projects are now posted at Vertical Pool; please visit us there.

returning to no-form,
- Antero Alli

Winter Solstice 2019. Portland OR.




"Bardoville" (May 2017); click image for details

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