SOROR MYSTICA is the next experimental theatre work produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch and directed by Antero Alli, in collaboration with Sylvi Alli and E.V.E., featuring text ("The Walls Do Not Fall") by Hilda Doolittle (HD) and a new short film by Antero Alli. This intermedia performance work will be based on characters, elemental spirits, and archetypes conceived by Antero and developed over ten Sunday nights in the Alchemy Performance Lab. SOROR MYSTICA premieres Fri/Sat/Sunday December 1, 2 & 3, 2017 , 8pm sharp at PerformanceWorks Northwest, 4625 SE 67th Ave., PDX. More details posted here as the time nears.


Characters, Spirits, Archetypes

The Alchemist (L.D. McClure)
- a man of excessive testosterone, the Alchemist argues with his wife
who convinces him to visit The Four Sisters to balance his energies;
the Alchemist speaks & shouts in whispers (improvised dialogue)

The Apprentice (Cibyl Kavan)
- when not arguing with her husband, she helps him recover from his encounters
with the Four Sisters; she speaks & shouts in whispers (improvised dialogue)

The Four Sisters (Memorie Eden, Maple Holmes, Lindsay Reich, yet to be cast)
- a coven of Four Elemental Feminine Spirits (4 Faces of the Anima) perform ritual
dances generating the wild chaos that catalyzes Alchemist's transformation

Aether (Sylvi Alli)
- a singing entity who helps protect and contain the Four Sisters ritual mayhem;
she also determines when the Alchemist can or cannot enter their ritual circle

Vox Templum (Kimberli Matin; others yet to be cast)
- 2 or 3 women whose vocal incantations accent the Four Sisters ritual
(to audition, contact Sylvi at

The Oracles - (Antero Alli and Nita Bryant)
- two disembodied voices (male and female) are heard conversing amongst
themselves about the mysteries they see and know (words written by HD)




"Soror Mystica", explores the Anima archetype -- that anarchic dimension of the universal Feminine that has been engaging, possessing, enraging, informing, and inspiring me (on&off) for the last fifty years (since my hormonal lovesick teens). I've chosen the Anima archetype, or maybe She has chosen me, to enliven and dramatize this performance ritual for the audience to experience - without explanation or narrative - a spiritual event, a living ritual disguised as an experimental theatre production.

In regards to my personal experience, I've discovered how critical to my sanity it has been to stay related with the Anima (not "my" Anima; she belongs to no one!) and with the numinous dimension she inhabits. I experience this process within the container of Paratheatre, through filmmaking, and in my nocturnal dreams. To sustain my rapport with the Anima -- the courtships, the arguments, the confessions -- I have also composed a series of love letters to Her over the past three decades (what some might call poems); click this to read one.

-Antero Alli, director

Antero Alli and Sylvi Alli ~ BIOs
includes Vision Statement for ParaTheatrical ReSearch

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