SOROR MYSTICA is produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX and directed by Antero Alli with musical direction by Sylvi Alli. Featuring poetic text (excerpted from "The Walls Do Not Fall") by Hilda Doolittle (aka H.D.) and based on characters, elemental spirits, and archetypes conceived by the director and developed with the cast over ten Sunday nights in the Alchemy Performance Lab. Also featuring a new short film by Antero.


Characters, Spirits, Archetypes

The Chaos Sisters (Memorie Eden, Maple Holmes, Lindsay Reich, Faye Dylan)
- four women inhabit, maintain, and worship in the Temple of the Holy Feminine

The Alchemist (L.D. McClure)
- a machismo sorcerer who argues with his wife (and assistant), he visits the
Chaos Sisters' in an attempt to balance his energies but with mixed results

The Midwife (Greeta Ahart)
- the tough-minded wife of the Alchemist keeps sending him to the Chaos Sisters
to treat his energy problem. She's also an elder Chaos sister with a secret.

Aether (Bryan Smith)
- a neutral-masked entity orbiting in and around the Chaos Sisters', Aether acts
as antennae and transmission of their powers; Aether is also the only character
aware of, and complicit with, the audience.

Vox Templum (Sylvi Alli, Amma Li Grace)
- vocalists whose invocations follow and find resonance with the Chaos Sisters

The Oracles - (Antero Alli and Nita Bryant)
- two disembodied voices (male and female) heard conversing amongst
themselves about the mysteries unfolding before their eyes (words by HD)

Sylvi Alli, improvised vocals
Ft. Stevens bunkers, Oregon



Hilda Doolittle (aka HD) wrote "The Walls Do Not Fall", (the first of three parts in her TRILOGY), in London during the 1942 Nazi blitzkrieg air strikes. Sheltered underground, she composed her masterpiece as bomb after bomb exploded over the city above her. Deeply inspired by her indomitable spirit, I chose "The Walls Do Not Fall" for the courage the poet showed in the face of impossible odds. I experience this poetry as an oracular vision galvanizing consciousness to a higher calling beyond the unspeakable horrors of war. In the production of "Soror Mystica" her words are spoken as two disembodied voices - male and female Oracles - conversing on what they see and know.

The Anima archetype -- that wild, erotic, and anarchic dimension of the universal Feminine possessing, vexing, seducing, and inspiring male artists since the beginning of Time - demands to be related with; She will not be ignored! As a creative man, my courtship with the Anima (She is not "my" Anima; She belongs to no man!) has been partly sustained through a series of love letters I've composed to Her (what some call poems) over the last four decades; click this to read one. Creative women have their own daemon in the Animus archetype (to be explored in a future ParaTheatrical ReSearch production).

With "Soror Mystica", I've chosen the Anima archetype, or maybe She has chosen me, to enliven and dramatize this performance as a spiritual event, a living ritual disguised as theatre. In this ritual, "Soror Mystica" refers to an alchemical experiment that balances Male/Female energies while dissolving heavier leaden negatives into the golden spheres of spiritual illumination -- not as any "grand arrival of total enlightenment" but as ongoing alignment with the autonomous forces of Nature, the Earth, the Skies, the Holy Feminine.

-Antero Alli, director


"A Turbulence of Muses" (Peformance Dec. 2016) click for details

ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX is not a company of fixed players as much as a kind of molting group that develops each new performance work with those best suited for the unique challenges of each production. Though a core group of individuals persists in each work, we remain open to inquiries from others across the performance spectrum - theatre, dance, voice, music, clown, martial arts, vaudeville - who wish to work with us. Sometimes those invited to join us also participate in Paratheatre training to learn the fundamentals of our unique somatic language.

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