Paratheatre F.A.Q.
Infrequently Asked Questions (A.A.)

Grotowski on Verticality
Final ideas by the originator of Paratheatre

Alli on Verticality
On the Redeeming Shock of...

Orientation to Paratheatre Training
For Those Considering Participation in Labs (A.A.)

ParaTheatrical ReSearch
On a Ritual Technology for Self-initiation (A.A.)

No-Form Practice in Paratheatre
Inner, Outer, Charging & Discharging Actions (A.A.)

Approaching No-Form
"The Shifting Contexts of Void Space" (A.A.)

Paratheatre Trigger Methods
Application of Inner and Outer Actions

The Five Intentions
Unlocking dimensions in sourcework

Notes on Talent and Skill
Balancing Spontaneity and Precision

Advancement in Paratheatre Work
Three overlapping stages of development (A.A.)

Potential Threats and Dangers
Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual Pitfalls (A.A.)

Paratheatre and Self-delusion
On the Possible Perils of Paratheatre (A.A.)

On "asocial" group dynamics
Group Interplay in Paratheatre (A.A.)

On Group Ritual Facilitation
Effective Ritual Design in this Paratheatre Medium (A.A.)

"A Human Sacrifice"
Purification and the Art of Theatre Group Dzieci by Matt Mitler

"The Mountain Teaches the Dreaming"
On the Two-Year Dreaming Ritual Project 2008/09 (A.A.)

"Action" vs. "Activity"
an excerpt from "Creativity" by Osho

Dreamtime Elder
An Interview with Yuin Aboriginie elder, Guboo Ted Thomas

Voice As Instrument
An Interview with vocal artist, Paul Oertel

The Muses - Singing Womb of the Poetic Imagination
Notes on the Muses Dialogue (A.A.)

Notes from a Theatre of Cruelty
Quotations from Antonin Artaud

The 5-Phase Physical Warm-Up Cycle
How Each Training Session Starts (A.A.)

On the Numen of Archetypes
How these terms are defined and used (A.A.)

Iconoclastic Ritual
Underlying Instinctual Basis of this Paratheatre Medium (A.A.)

Dreaming Rituals
Paratheatre Methods and Dreamwork (A.A.)

"The Universe Wants to Play"
by Hakim Bey

The First and Second Attentions
Interactions between intuition and intellect (A.A.)

"State of Emergence"
A paratheatre manifesto in 5 parts (A.A.)

"The Anima Shrine: A Soul Retrieval Ritual for Men"
goes to another website (A.A.)

Man-Woman-Planet Ceremony
an earth surrender rite (A.A.)

Bump Consciousness Ritual
Stabilizing individual and group energy fields (A.A.)




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