Experimental Vocal Ensemble
Portland, Oregon

Whether four-part unison whistling segueing into Balkan
polyphonic harmonizing, Sylvi Alli and E.V.E. created a
soundscape that exceeded the sonic challenges of
largely non-verbal paratheater in "Bardoville".
- Mitch Ritter, Oregon ArtsWatch

E.V.E. (Experimental Vocal Ensemble) is a project-based group of female singers devoted to vocal experimentation and improvisation under the direction of Sylvi Alli. Some musical influences explored are Eastern European, early music, and contemporary classical.  The shifting line up for E.V.E. is comprised of individuals selected for specific performance projects in collaboration with ParaTheatrical Research PDX, an experimental theatre group.


Now auditioning female singers for 2 or 3 onstage vocal roles in "Soror Mystica" an experimental theater piece premiering in December in Portland.  Looking specifically for women with full, resonate, mature voices, and who are confident singing in front of an audience.  Good pitch and an ability to hold notes as drone are key.   The musical direction will focus around extended tones and harmony, as well as short phrases taken from Early Music compositions.  Must be available for weekly rehearsals beginning in October and for three performances - Dec. 1, 2, and 3.

Contact Sylvi Alli for details: mbodyvox@gmail.com

Sylvi Alli, Bio