Summer 2017
ANCESTORS' Lab/Ritual Camp
July 9 - Aug. 6. Sundays, 7:15pm to 10:15pm ~ indoors at PWNW, PDX
plus...Mon/Tues/Wed Aug. 7-9 campout in the Columbia River Gorge
NOTE: There's also mandatory pre-Lab meetup Sunday July 2nd, 2pm, at Antero & Sylvi's house.
Facilitated by Antero and Sylvi Alli -- Reserved for those with 1 or more previous Lab experience.

Lab Intent
We will be sourcing ancestral currents in the body and their expression through movement, sound, and ritual. Each of us will also work with a simple song (with or w/o lyrics), a short prayer or poem chosen from our ancestral heritage to combine with our source work. In addition, we will build personal ancestry altars to help focus our intention. The day after our fifth Sunday night indoor session, we bring our work outdoors -- into the woods and near the river -- for three days and two nights.
NOTE: There's also mandatory 90 minute pre-Lab meet-up Sunday July 2nd at 2pm, Antero & Sylvi's house to go over more details and the specific orientation of this Ancestors' Lab (which differs from any previous Lab presented in Portland).


Our campsite includes a flat ritual dance area (with a fire pit!) surrounded by a forest

LAB FEE: $80 (cash prefered) and CAMPING details
Campsite fees included in LAB fee. We will be camping on private forested land about two hours drive from PDX deep in the Columbia River Gorge. We carpool on Monday Aug 7th between 11am and Noon and, arrive at the campsite around 2pm the same day. Everyone brings their own food, cookware, sleeping bags, tents, water. We sleep over Monday and Tuesday nights and depart the campsite Wednesday Aug 9th. More details provided as departure time nears. If you wish to participate, e-mail Antero with a message about why you want to do this:

NOTE: This ANCESTORS' Lab is reserved for those with at least one full Paratheatre Lab
experience (7 weeks), however, preference will be given to those who have undergone
2 or more Labs. Limited to ten participants.


Antero Alli, Sylvi Alli
, Miriam Sluis, Memorie Eden

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