by Taisha Abelar and Antero Alli

The energetic body refers to a complex web of interactions of energy centers in The Physical Body corresponding to what Hindus call "chakras". The primary centers are located in the center of the brain (6th chakra), the heart (4th chakra) and the belly (2nd chakra) with secondary centers at the top of the head (7th crown chakra), throat (5th chakra), solar plexus (3rd chakra) and base of the spine (1st chakra). The energetic body loses power when any or all of these centers become depleted, drained, exhausted, over-stimulated, unstable, and/or disengaged (inert and latent).


On Activation of the Energetic Body
1)The energetic body carries the power necessary for bringing dreams into manifestation. The two chief drains to the energetic body are a) courtship compulsion and b) self-pity. Remove these two sources of powr loss and the energetic body regenerates itself. Physical exercises also wake up the energetic body.

2) After you've increased your energy, we are able to practice impeccability; we'll know impeccability when we have lost self interest. Experiment by acting without expecting rewards or returns; release attachment to outcomes. Relax the desire to control and let energy come to you and guide you.

3) The assemblage point is a place of luminosity on the energetic body that lights the filaments of the subtle power of the second attention. When the filaments of the energetic body match those of the universe, the perception of second attention takes place. You'll know when you are there - (you'll be) very quiet, unknown to yourself and feel solitude but no loneliness.


further notes on the energetic body

Society is oriented toward a "poor baby" or pity syndrome and a mating/courtship
compulsion. The self is presented as a "poor baby" to the world.

Stalking the self means seeing how you are living. Are you living as a poor baby
or feeding a poor baby ? If so, the assemblage point, or attention, has been fixated
in the poor baby position.
Move attention away from the poor baby position.

How do you move the assemblage point? You need energy to move the assemblage
point away from poor baby. This may be obtained from not doing presentation
of the self
in everyday life. Stop seeking courtship and feeding the poor baby.
Poor Baby and Courtship Compulsion ravages the energetic body.

Embarrassment disrupts the assemblage point and allows it to shift.
Blow your cover and the focus shifts away from the self;
do not feed the
poor embarrassed baby. Controlled folly means blowing your cover on purpose.
Controlled folly means you see the situation and don't judge. Judging is death.

Cover up mirrors - (they reinforce agreements of appearance and fixate
attention on self-presentation).

Don't poor baby yourself. Use devices to jolt yourself. Then you can move the
assemblage point up and down. The spine has its centers; chakras. Each center
feeds on different foods, or essences. Learn to feed the energetic body.





notes on the first and second attentions

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