~ pre-performance rehearsal process~


The pre-performance process of BARDOVILLE took place over ten weeks to explore the often difficult exposure of personal and collective hypocrisy as source material for the development of 2-faced clown characters. These were neither borrowed from, nor emulated, any traditional or historical clown archetypes; we were not trying to look or act like clowns. Our objective was to build our internal commitment to actively embody the contrary nature of the self. With the exception of the Poet (Randal S. Slager), who read a set sequence of poems, nothing in BARDOVILLE was choreographed or staged. Nor was it "improvisation", as commonly defined in theatre and dance, but the result of applying specific methods of Paratheatre to gain access to distinct sources of energy in the body/psyche to animate movement, gesture, action, and vocalization. Since this process supports high levels of unpredictability of expression and interaction, each rehearsal and each performance differs in content and form.

Click this for my BARDOVILLE vision statement (what inspired this project).

- Antero Alli, director
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Memorie Eden (left) Wendy Allegaert, Wes Martusewicz (right)

Randal S. Slager, Cibyl Kavan, Wes Martusewicz

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"Bardoville" - Vision Statement
includes "scapegoat ritual" video clip